Navigating Supply Chain Complexities and Shifting Geopolitics with Sourceability’s Jens Gamperl

Wondering how to navigate the complexities of supply chains amidst global geopolitical shifts? Here’s an insightful conversation with Jens Gamperl, the mastermind behind Sourceability. Jens, courtesy of his decades of knowledge and experience, breaks down the challenges faced by businesses today and shares strategies to develop more flexibility, to use data to make informed and better decisions, and address high inventory, and high interest rates. He also emphasizes the crucial role of transparency in supply chains and why businesses should shift their focus from just-in-time production to maintaining healthy buffer stocks and risk mitigation.

In this chat, we also delve into the world of supply chain risk management and understand why engineers need to consider supply chain risks when designing products and planning projects. Jens also shares his view on the impact of a longer product life cycle on design decisions and initiatives like the CHIPS Act that are paving the way for more component production in the Americas, Europe, and elsewhere. We explore how local production and factory proximity can reduce supply chain costs and how data can be harnessed to predict outcomes.

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