Movie Monday: The Eric Miscoll Show (EMS) with Mark Rinehart and Oren Manor

In this timely episode of the Eric Miscoll Show, Eric and Philip Stoten discuss the accelerating challenge of counterfeit components with Mark Rinehart, Founder of White Horse Labs, and Oren Manor, Business Development Director at Mentor Graphics, a Siemens Company. EMS companies are seeing a major spike in sub-standard devices due to the shortages. These experts have special insights into holistic ways to mitigate the risks to electronics manufacturers. The discussion covers pre-production testing, sourcing strategies, challenges of data management, and the tendency on the part of the industry to ignore the issue. This frank and thought-provoking discussion offers some real solutions for this ‘scourge’ of the industry, which is exacerbated by the pandemic and could be the catalyst for real change.

NOTE: Apologies for some video glitches near the end.

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