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Microsoft TechSpark fosters economic opportunity for all Americans

TechSpark is Microsoft’s civic program designed to foster greater economic opportunity and job creation in rural and smaller metropolitan communities. They say that by partnering closely at the local level, they learn about unique regional challenges and explore ways to spark local economic growth. Their efforts are rooted in local partnerships and focus on five key areas:

Increase access to digital skills and computer science education

Through grants, technology, curriculum and programs like Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS), we help schools and nonprofits bolster their ability to offer digital skills and computer science education.

Provide career pathways for greater opportunity

We partner with local communities to help reimagine the labor market for the 21st century, working to close the skills gap and create a skills-based market that connects people and employers in new ways.

Increase access to rural broadband

Our Airband team partners with equipment makers, internet access providers, and local entrepreneurs to expand affordable broadband
access to areas where it is currently lacking.

Help local business thrive through digital transformation

We work with start-ups, small and medium businesses, and established companies to use technology to develop new lines of business, which
fosters economic growth.

Support nonprofits to further their impact

Recognizing the important role nonprofits play in addressing local needs, we provide financial and technology support to nonprofits
through a variety of programs, partners and offers.

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