MacDermid Enthone Releases New Immersion Tin for QFNs

Waterbury, CT, USA – MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions, a MacDermid Performance Solutions business, announces the release of the PackagePrep CE Tin S process. This simplified tin plating process for singulated QFN package side walls provides consistent solder flank fillet formation for a more reliable solder joint under the increasingly demanding requirements of the automotive electronics industry. The superior fillet formation allowed by this new immersion tin process also improves the ease of assembly for “lead-less” chip packages, such as QFN’s for a more reliable inspection of the assembled surface mount packaging, eliminating the need for X-Ray inspection of the solder joint. The process provides solderability that meets JEDEC Standard J-STD-002D.

Rich Retallick, Director of Electronics Materials, MacDermid Enthone, noted, “Given the rapid growth in automotive electronics where QFNs are widely utilized, reliability is a key priority. We’re excited to provide our customers with the enhanced solderability and the option for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) provided by the PackagePrep CE Tin S process.”

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