Luminovo: Digital Revolution in Electronics

The electronics industry is the leading industry for digitization and pacemaker of technical progress. But when it comes to transforming his own processes, it is more of a laggard than an innovator. The luminovo electronic operating system is intended to remedy this situation.

Die Gründer der Luminovo GmbH: Timon Ruban (links) und Sebastian Schaal (rechts).

The founders of Luminovo GmbH: Timon Ruban (left) and Sebastian Schaal (right). (Image: Luminovo)

The last few weeks and months have shown very clearly how much we, as an industry, an employer or an employee, need to prepare ourselves for a digitised world of work. The electronics industry is certainly not excluded from this. Established and proven processes had to and must be questioned and rethought. As turbulent as these times are, this external impulse should above all be perceived as an opportunity to set up the processes of electronics development, component procurement and manufacturing even more digitally and networked.

One thing is very clear: companies that have already relied on digitally networked and collaborative initiatives before the crisis are mastering this crisis more lightly and seem to be better prepared for the uncertainties ahead. Under these conditions, consistent digitization and automation can make Germany and Europe competitive again, and help bring back lost business from Asia.


x Brown