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Lenthor Engineering announces 2017 Q3 Financial results.

Lenthor Engineering, a California based designer, manufacturer and assembler of RIGID-FLEX and FLEX printed circuit boards, announces its 2017 Q3 financial results.

Total revenue for Q3 2017 came in at $6.806M compared to Q3 2016 total of $6.722M a 2% increase. Strong revenue performance continues from Q2 2017 which came in at $6.207M and Q1 2017 coming in at $6.192M. Profit totals for Q3 2017 continue to be strong with full year 2017 profit to be on pace to exceed levels reported in 2016.

Lenthor Engineering’s strong financial position allows Lenthor to continue funding of its business expansion plans with capital expenditures in 2017 planned for $2.440M. As part of that plan Lenthor has expended $2.0M to date in its Assembly and Fabrication area. The expenditures in Assembly which include both Solder Paste AOI and Component AOI along with a new Pick & Place line provide Lenthor’s customers with the level of quality assurance and through-put necessary in today’s demanding and competitive marketplace.

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