Latest episode of ECIA’s The Channel Channel Podcast Features Dale Ford’s Analysis of the Drivers of Growth in the Electronics Industry

Atlanta–ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford sat down with Bill Bradford for a fascinating discussion of the state of the industry as 2019 winds down in this latest episode of ECIA’s The Channel Channel podcast. Ford has taken a deep dive into the wealth of industry specific market research available to ECIA members and explained the significance of the data.

Ford started with a concise explanation of one of the fundamental indicators of the health of the industry: the semiconductor cycle. “The industry has been pretty volatile recently. You know the saying, ‘if you want to get out of a hole, you have to stop digging.’ These cycles typically last 48 months from peak to peak. We are 40 months into this current cycle, so I think we are getting to the bottom of the hole and should start seeing improvement.  Not a return to growth until probably April 2020 or so, but improvement.”

The drivers of growth for the next cycle will be what Ford calls the Technology Triumvirate: 5G, the Cloud, and Internet of Things. These three technologies have achieved a level of adoption leading to favorable conditions for the component industry. Using specific examples and technology illustrations, Ford shares important insights about key issues on how this will play out over the next few years:

  • What are the component industry opportunities in handsets, data centers, and other hardware used for these technologies?
  • How will industries like clean energy see a return on investment in Big Data?
  • What are the cyber security threats?
  • What are the synergies between the capabilities of 5G and the other two technologies of the triumvirate, IoT and the Cloud?
  • What other geopolitical threats will have to be addressed to move forward?
  • And much more

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