Master Electronics Announces Tariff Free Zone

PHOENIX–Master Electronics, a leading global distributor of electromechanical, interconnect and passive components, announces it has established itself as a Tariff Free Zone in response to the 10-25% tariff increase on product lines originating from China.

Riad Nizam, President of Master Electronics, states, “At Master Electronics, we focus on ease of doing business and have a passion for helping customers and supporting manufacturers. That’s why, while complying with the government’s requirements, Master Electronics will also absorb the full tariff policy impact in order to preserve our customers’ current ordering experience with absolutely no disruptions.”

As explained on the company’s website, the Tariff Free Zone is open to current and new customers.

For the foreseeable future, customers can expect:

  • No price increases due to the tariff policy
  • No surcharge at checkout due to the tariff policy
  • Any orders placed before the tariff policy went into effect can be expected to ship per the original approved PO
  • New orders will not be affected by the tariff

Nizam adds, “We understand this decision will have a significant impact on our bottom-line. However, as a steadfast supporter of American business and employees, and a proponent of American design and ingenuity—we believe it’s the right thing to do, and we can do no less.”

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About Master Electronics

Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Master Electronics is a leading authorized distributor of electronic components dedicated to stocking breadth of part numbers. Founded in 1967, Master Electronics has been supplying top quality components for industrial, military, medical, aerospace and consumer applications. Master is franchised for over 350 suppliers including world-class brands such as ebm-papst, Honeywell, ITT Cannon, Omron Electronics, Panasonic, and TE Connectivity.