Laird’s Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions Offer Cost-effective Alternative for Beverage Cooling

Laird’s standard and custom thermoelectric cooling systems offer superior heat pumping capability with lower power consumption, noise, weight and footprint compared to compressor-based systems…

Global technology leader Laird (LRD: London) has a long history of providing standard and custom thermoelectric cooling systems to the food and beverage industry. Beverage cooling applications, from soda fountains to coffee machines to wine coolers, require efficient performance, low operating noise, and low maintenance — all in a smaller size. Laird provides compact, solid-state thermoelectric cooling solutions that meet the requirements of a wide range of beverage cooling applications.

Compared to standard compressor based solutions, the 12V or 24V DC thermoelectric modules (TEMs) and thermoelectric assemblies (TEAs) offer superior reliability, design flexibility via vertical integration capabilities, and an overall lower cost of ownership. Thermoelectric coolers also operate at lower noise levels and provide a more environmentally friendly solution. Unlike compressor based systems, thermoelectric technology does not utilize ozone depleting refrigerants, which must be phased out of new and existing equipment in the European Union by 2022.

Customized air-to-air thermoelectric assemblies (AA060 Series) or direct-to-air thermoelectric assemblies (DA075 Series) offer superior cooling without creating condensation that can lead to mildew and unsanitary conditions. When combined with advanced temperature controllers, like the PR-59, Laird’s space-saving thermoelectric assemblies offer precise temperature control and stability when needed.

“Thermoelectric cooling solutions are becoming more popular in beverage cooling applications because of their smaller size and lower maintenance requirements compared to compressor-based systems,” said Anders Kottenauer, Senior Vice President of Laird’s Engineered Thermal Systems Business. “In addition, thermoelectric cooling solutions do not use harmful refrigerant chemicals and therefore do not require any field retrofits. The efficiency of thermoelectric systems optimizes heat transfer to deliver superior thermal management.”

Laird’s long history of providing custom thermoelectric coolers to the food and beverage industry includes expertise in engineering design services and a global presence that supports onsite concept generation, thermal modeling, mechanical and electrical design and rapid prototyping to deliver optimized thermal management for the food & beverage sector.

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