Koh Young Publishes the Laritech ‘Garage to Greatness’ Case Study

Atlanta – Like Harley Davidson, Google, Microsoft, and Apple, Laritech was started by enthusiastic engineers working in their garage. This newly published case study, including interviews with Joel Butler, Vice President of Manufacturing and Matthew Banks, SMT Manager, explores how the company grew and how Koh Young helped them reach their goal of manufacturing excellence and exceptional quality.

Laritech TeamLaritech has Koh Young 8030-2 SPIs and Zenith LiTE AOIs connected with the KSMART smart factory solution software. Joel and Matt explain the selection process, why they chose Koh Young, and the installation process, as well as their experience with the equipment and with Koh Young as a partner. Joel Butler, Vice President of Manufacturing, Laritech explains, “Everybody knows screen printing is the core of quality. If you don’t get that right, nothing else matters. When we got our first Koh Young SPI, we had a large board with around 4,000 components, plus 50 different BGAs. We saw our yields increase overnight.”

Brent Fischthal, Sr. Manager, Americas Marketing and Regional Sales at Koh Young added, “we really enjoy working with companies like Laritech and with people like Joel and Matt who have an enthusiasm for what they do and the way they serve their customer. It really is an honor to be involved in their success story and we thank them for taking the time to talk to us about it.”

Laritech BuildingYou can see the video version of this case study at https://youtu.be/1BFmyfKKnrU. You can learn more about these products and the rest of the Koh Young portfolio at kohyoung.com. For more about Laritech and its quick-turn PCBA capabilities at laritech.com.