January Electronic Component Sales Sentiment Delivers Solid Results with Typical Seasonal Trends Expected for February 

ECIA’s Electronic Component Sales Trend (ECST) January 2022 Survey Results

ATLANTA – While not as strong as anticipated in the December survey, the results from the January 2022 ECST survey point to a solid start to the new year with the overall sales sentiment index registering at 116.5 for January, slightly up from December’s results. All major component categories and subcategories achieved a sentiment index rating at 100 or higher with Discrete Semiconductors and Electro-Mechanical components leading the pack with index scores above 122. In an encouraging sign of stability, the overall index outlook for February sales is just slightly lower at 113.1. In a typical year, February sales are softer than the January results. This return to a “normal” pattern would be a welcome result after the wide swings experienced by the industry over the past two years. As expected, the end-market index follows closely with the component index with the overall average measured at 114.8 for January and dipping slightly to 109.9 in the February expectations.

“Semiconductor sales sentiment continues to show the greatest optimism among the three major component categories with the index measuring at 122.2 in January and sustaining a strong level at 120.9 in the February expectations,” explained ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford, author of the report. “All three of the component indices project a drop between January and February with Passive components coming in at the bottom end with a still respectable 107.6 in January and 105.9 for the February projection.”

The complete ECIA Electronic Component Sales Trends (ECST) Report is delivered to all ECIA members as well as others who participate in the survey. All participants in the electronics component supply chain are invited and encouraged to participate in the report so they can see the highly valuable insights provided by the ECST report. The return on a small investment of time is enormous!

The monthly and quarterly ECST reports present data in detailed tables and figures with multiple perspectives and covering current sales expectations, sales outlook, product cancellations, product decommits and product lead times. The data is presented at a detailed level for six major electronic component categories, six semiconductor subcategories and eight end markets. Also, survey results are segmented by aggregated responses from manufacturers, distributors, and manufacturer representatives.

The summary report can be found at Industry Sentiment January 2022 Outlook Article.pdf (ecianow.org).

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