IPC Releases Guidance on Workplace Measures to Manage COVID-19 Risk

IPC, Helping You Assess and Manage COVID-19 Risks at Your Workplace

By David Krause, Senior Toxicologist at Healthcare Consulting & Contracting (HC3), and Kelly Scanlon, IPC director of environment, health, and safety policy and research

As the COVID-19 pandemic has persisted, we’ve learned a lot of surprising things about the virus and the disease, as well as how to prevent potential exposures. IPC is alert to the evolving science and government policies, and today we are releasing new information aimed at helping our members assess and manage risks in their workplaces.

In April, IPC hosted a webinar to share the best practices known at that time for worker health protection in the electronics manufacturing industry. We produced a report to address questions regarding screening, physical distancing, and response plans. In May, IPC produced a framework for employers and employees to use when selecting face coverings and masks.

This week, we released a new guidance document aimed at dispelling myths related to COVID-19 infection. Workplace Measures to Manage COVID-19 Risk: Dispelling Myths with Effective Methods answers questions we have received, including those related to cleaning, disinfecting, and contact tracing. We provide answers grounded in science and supported with evidence.

We have also made updates to Face Coverings and Masks: Protecting Each Other on the Job. The update includes new information how different types of face coverings and masks are tested to determine their effectiveness. It also delves into the efficacy of face coverings, masks, and respirators with exhalation valves, which do provide some protection but do not capture as much virus in exhaled breath, resulting in less protection of nearby workers.

If your company is concerned about COVID-19 risk issues, please join us for a free, members-only webinar, COVID-19: Best Practices for Assessing Workplace Risk, on Wednesday, September 9 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm Eastern time. This webinar will answer some of the most challenging questions employers and employees are facing right now. IPC will share best practices for assessing workplace risks, as well as resources and tools you can use to navigate the dynamic science and government policies.

What pandemic-related issues are you struggling with? We welcome your questions and will take them into consideration as we prepare the webinar. Please contact Kelly Scanlon with your concerns.