IPC holds successful IPC Day EMS in Tallinn Estonia

IPC is bringing the EMS leaders from Europe together at IPC Day EMS in Tallinn, Estonia. Co-organized together with the Estonian Electronics Industries Association,  this one-day event named “From EMS to the Moon and beyond » features keynote speakers such Katek’ CEO Rainer Koppitz, EMSNow’s Eric Miscoll  and In4ma’s Dieter Weiss focusing on specific technical topics, key European regulatory trends and several EMS customer success stories.

imageTraveling from far beyond Estonia, almost 100 participants from many European countries (D, CH, I, FIN, LT, LV, S, RU, UA, MD and F) made the trip, and met face-to-face for a very lively exchange on the future of the EMS industry in Europe. Companies represented included renowned companies such as Katek, Enics, MB elettronica, Incap, Teltonika, Scanfil, LEAB or Eolane.
In advance of the IPC Day EMS, a high-profile EMS Presidents’ dinner took place on Wednesday evening with 28 European EMS leaders that made the trip despite the still concerning pandemic resurgence conditions.

IPC and the Estonian Electronics Industries Association are very grateful to their sponsors : City of Tallinn, ASM Pacific Technology, SMT Rental, TalTech and Incap for their essential support to make this event happen.



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