Introducing Jennifer Read, EMSNow’s New Editor

By Eric Miscoll, Publisher, EMSNow

When I took the reins of EMSNow last year I wanted to combine everything I appreciated about the publication as a reader for the last fifteen years, with my vision of what would be the ideal tool to deliver relevant information and insight for the next fifteen years. Key to the enduring success of EMSNow, like every other publication that has stood the test of time, is content. Delivering compelling and topical content to a focused audience was at the vision of EMSNow when it was founded in 2002, and that vision is more important now than ever.

With that in mind, I am delighted and excited to introduce you, our loyal readers, to our new editor, Jennifer Read, someone who I respect greatly and have worked with for many years. Jennifer has decades of experience writing and commenting on various aspects of the electronics manufacturing industry. Few are as well connected as Jennifer, and she is already adding to the amazing roster of columnists publishing their views on EMSNow.

EMSNow has recruited a cadre of impressive industry professionals who will be offering their insights and opinions through EMSNow in the future. These include Pamela Gordon, Dieter Weiss, Howell Wang, and Phil Zarrow, to name only a few.

Please reach out to Jennifer directly at, and drop me a line if you wish to make an appointment to meet at APEX later this month.

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