International E-Waste Day

Today we are once again celebrating International E-Waste Day! It was created in 2018 by the WEEE Forum with the support of its family of producer responsibility organisations and continues to gain in strength.

International E-Waste Day is designed to raise the global profile of e-waste and encourage citizens and businesses to take responsibility for their redundant e-products so that they can be reused, repaired or recycled properly to extend their useful lives or ensure the materials they contain can be used in new items.

Despite these difficult times, International E-Waste Day is once again generating huge interest and today 123 organisations from 52 countries will undertake activities to promote the importance of the proper management of e-waste. These activities range from social media campaigns to e-waste collections and seminars which target all stakeholders, from policymakers to households.

We are very grateful to all the organisations for their support and efforts in highlighting the issues linked with e-waste. We especially thank International Telecommunication Union for its involvement as a valuable partner in this year’s edition and with which we have produced a paper, ‘Internet Waste‘, highlighting the invisible infrastructure behind our everyday communication. This sits beside a host of other materials we have developed for the day.

Happy International E-Waste Day!

Pascal Leroy, Director General, WEEE Forum