Dynamic EMS. From Design to Development to Distribution and Beyond

When you consider Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), what image pops into your mind? Is it of high volume, low mix, offshore manufacturing? That’s representative of most people when leading EMS provider Dynamic EMS is right on your doorstep.

Dynamic EMS is a UK EMS provider that offers a tailored solution for customers with a mix of custom innovation, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain needs.

After a six-year period as Sales director, Mr. John Dignan took over the reins of Dynamic EMS and became Managing Director in 2011, a role that he has made his own. He brought with him a set of company values, cultural influences and business practices that have made Dynamic EMS the UK EMS partner of choice.

Mr. Dignan stated; “As I took on the role of MD, I was 100% committed to tapping into what I saw as a market gap and harnessed Dynamic EMS differentiators to plug it. Intelligence highlighted that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) were redesigning their outsourcing strategies. Many of our competitors were reevaluating their European footprint, with some exiting the U.K. entirely.

At Dynamic EMS we saw their exit as our opportunity. We wanted to capitalise on the OEM’s emerging needs through their strategic development initiatives. Through this transformational process, we listened and established solutions that we knew our customers needed to fulfill their current reality. We also predicted what they’d need for their future desired state.

To be successful, we had to establish deep trust and add real value.

So, the OEM model was adapting and we understood that we needed to put a proactive plan in place to enable achievement. The change was more complex than just a technology shift, it was the need for customisation and flexibility as a competitive advantage. Our customers were looking for more than Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA). Whilst this should remain a core competence, the OEM looked to their EMS partner to add-value up and down the production lifecycle. We were in a new environment, where the customer required a skill level that they did not have internally to compete.

This was the right time to build a company that offered creativity, flexibility, and customised solutions.

Dynamic EMS is known industry-wide for its work in the medical, avionics, aerospace, defence, communications, and industrial markets. These markets share unique and challenging characteristics, e.g. high-level complexity and high-level configurability. The best fit being a low-to-medium volume production environment in close proximity to the end-market, which adds a competitive advantage in terms of responsiveness and speed.

The Tier 1 EMS providers who were left in the UK were operating within the limitations of their scale and production demands. This distracted them from adequately servicing a smaller production line with complex needs. Dynamic EMS, however, is large enough to have the right manufacturing resources, coupled with the right engineering capabilities.

OEMs now need solutions profiled to their specific market needs, and they need suppliers that can manage the entire process, to ensure their customer experience is exceptional. The leading electronic brand names require a total solution and a partner that will enhance their deep product technology skills with innovation and complimentary services.

For the EMS provider, it is no longer about providing a quote for build-to-print; it’s about bringing innovation to life, that enhances the OEMs overall solution.

It’s product realisation, the Dynamic way!”