Innovative Cleaning and Deoxidation Product from Inventec Protects Environment

PROMOCLEAN™ TP 178 is an innovative cleaning and deoxidation product, developed to replace products with high environmental and safety risk, such as phosphoric acid
and strong acids. Discharges of phosphorus compounds are the cause of the pollution of rivers and aquifers, costly for communities. Disseminated phosphorus acts as a fertilizer for aquatic plants
which, during their accelerated growth, consume the oxygen necessary for the survival of living species in the same ecosystem, causing their premature disappearance.

The necessary substitution of these compounds has prompted INVENTEC to design a new product, linking technological and economic needs to current environmental challenges: formulated without phosphoric acid, PROMOCLEAN™ TP 178 limits the risk of eutrophication and allows deoxidization of parts sensitive to phosphating, without using strong and more corrosive acids. Its
biodegradability and the absence of EDTA give it excellent environmental qualities. Its high wetting power gives it high cleaning and rinsing properties to treat light oils, polishing pastes, diamond
abrasive liquids, metal oxides, mineral salts and electrolyte residues. It meets the cleanliness requirements of machining processes in the watch, medical, automotive and aeronautical industries, such as surface preparation before treatment and finishing.

Inventec, a company of the French Dehon Group, is a global provider of Soldering, Cleaning & Coating materials for Electronic, Semiconductor and Industrial applications for many industries, especially Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Energy and Medical. For over 40 years we have shown leadership in innovation by putting environment & health impact, sustainability and
reliability at the core of our product development.