TTI is Stocking Vishay Germicidal LEDs

Fort Worth, Texas  – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, is now stocking the VLMU35CL2.-275-120 series of ultraviolet LEDs from Vishay. These components are designed for germicidal applications for disinfection of bacteria and viruses.

Vishay’s new VLMU35CL2.-275-120 is a ceramic based UVC LED with silicone lens for long life operation. UVC LEDs have been effective in disrupting certain microbe’s DNA and therefore eliminating the microorganisms in exposed environments. Common applications include sterilizations of hospital rooms and surgical areas, ambulances and publics spaces. Vishay’s LED size is 3.45 mm x 3.45 mm x 1.38 mm and the radiant power is typically 2.5 mW at 20 mA in a wavelength range of 265 nm to 285 nm. These surface mount LEDs are ideal for creating a large area panel light sources to produce the high intensity required for them to be effective.

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