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iNEMI Project Report Webinar Scheduled: Value Recovery from Used Electronics

Electronics Project, Phase 2 
October 31 & November 2

Phase 2 of iNEMI’s Value Recovery from Used Electronics project addressed hard disk drive design, reuse, remanufacturing, and materials and component recovery to enable a robust, sustainable circular supply economy for hard disk drives (HDDs). In this end-of-project webinar, the team will review results, including five demonstration projects to show how used hard drives can be turned into new hard drives:

  1. HDD direct magnet assembly reuse — recover and reuse used HDD magnet assemblies to build new HDD products in a process dependent on companies that are not OEM manufacturers of HDDs.

  2. Intact magnet recovery and reuse — turn used magnets into another magnet (not necessarily for use in HDDs) or turn magnets into a powder and then re-form into a magnet.

  3. Recovery of magnetic material from shredded materials — recover magnet materials from shredded HDDs by making them into a powder and remaking into useable magnets.

  4. Make rare earth oxides — extract rare earth elements to make rare earth oxides or metal, regardless of feedstock, that can be used by magnet manufacturers.

  5. Identify and remove barriers to switching from “reuse or shred” to “reuse and recover” for HDDs — address decision-making models, data wiping and environmental analysis.

These webinars are open to non-members as well as iNEMI members. Make plans to join us — click here for additional project information and webinar registration.

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