Indium Corporation’s Miloš Lazić Joins Thermal Interface Materials Team  

Indium Corporation is pleased to announce that Miloš Lazić has assumed a new role as Product Development Specialist for Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs).

In his new capacity, Lazić is responsible for facilitating team initiatives to deliver fully-scaled, launched, and marketable product solutions for thermal materials. He works with members of the R&D, Marketing, Technical Support, and Sales departments to execute the new product development process.

Lazić joined Indium Corporation in March 2018 as a Technical Support Engineer, most recently serving as Coordinator for the Live@ Program—a global initiative designed to align Indium Corporation and its industry partners in the promotion of agile response, resource management, and efficiency improvement.

Prior to joining Indium Corporation, Lazić worked as the Deputy Technical Director at Radio-Television Nis in Serbia. He earned his master’s degree in electronics engineering and his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Nis in Serbia. He is an Energy Efficiency Engineer certified by the Serbian Chamber of Engineers in Belgrade; a Certified SMT Process Engineer; and is fluent in English, Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian.

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