Indium Corporation to Share Products for EV at Productronica India

Indium Corporation will feature its suite of proven electrical, mechanical, and thermal solutions for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing at Productronica India, Dec. 16-18, Bengaluru, India.


More than two million EVs are on the road today with the Rel-ion™ suite of electrical, mechanical, and thermal solutions for e-mobility by Indium Corporation. These reliable, scalable, and proven materials are designed to increase reliability with no zero km failures to modules, components, or systems. They deliver reliability by:

  • Eliminating non-wet opens and head-in-pillow defects
  • Preventing dendritic growth by meeting stricter surface insulation resistance requirements
  • Preventing solder delamination with precise bondline control and increased creep and fatigue resistance
  • Reducing hot spots-induced voiding through improved thermal efficiency


To learn more about Indium Corporation’s proven products for EV and other automotive applications, visit the company during the show at the MELSS booth, or go to

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