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Indium Corporation to Feature LED Products at MiniLED Seminar

Indium Corporation® will feature its proven, innovative products for LED manufacturing at the Mini LED Backlight Mass Production and Application Trend Conference, Thursday, July 28 in Shenzhen, China.

Indium Corporation produces a wide range of products to meet the current and evolving needs of the industry. As mini-LEDs are increasingly used in displays for consumer electronics at home and in external displays due to their superior contrast ratios, deep blacks, and high dynamic ranges.

Indium Corporation’s suite of semiconductor and advanced assembly materials is ideal for Mini-LED assembly and the small pad sizes and tight pitches required in their assembly.

Solder paste solutions to be featured include:

  • LEDPaste NC38HF, a no-clean, halogen-free solder paste specifically formulated to accommodate fine feature printing, especially for mini- or micro-LED applications. This new product will be released at the show and combines superior wetting performance with excellent stencil print transfer efficiency to satisfy the broadest range of process requirements for the smallest LED applications. It also delivers high tackiness and is available in a wide range of alloys, including Ag-free options.
  • Indium12.8HF, a no-clean, halogen-free microdispensing solder paste that is inherently compatible with Indium Corporation’s best-selling solder paste—Indium8.9HF—and is optimized for long-term jetting and microdispense applications. Originally formulated for micro-LED applications, Indium12.8HF has proven to be useful in a wide range of applications requiring precision dot diameter/line width deposits down to 80μm.
  • Indium3.2HF is a water-soluble, halogen-free, Pb-free solder paste. Indium3.2HF formulated with Indium Corporation’s Type 6 SGS powder is ideal for fine feature printing applications. It also offers consistent, repeatable printing performance combined with a long stencil life.

Flux solutions to be featured include:

  • NC-809, an award-winning, halogen-free, ultra-low residue, flip-chip flux designed to hold die or solder spheres in place without risk of die shift during the assembly process. NC-809 exhibits superior wetting performance and is the first ULR flux qualified for ball grid array ball-attach applications for packages that are sensitive to traditional water cleaning processes.
  • WS-829 is a wafer-level ball-attach flux is a water-soluble, halogen-free flux that can be used for ball-attach on substrate in a standard BGA manufacturing process (especially for the smallest sphere applications < 0.25mm) as well as wafer-/panel-level packaging. It is designed for printing and pin transfer applications for the smallest sphere and high-density applications, including LED die-attach.

LED TACFlux® 007 is the leading die-attach flux for LED industry. Specifically designed for die-to-sub-mount applications with sputtered film or solder preform alloys, it provides melting points that range from tin-silver (SnAg), SAC (SnAgCu) and pure tin (Sn) up to gold-tin (AuSn) eutectic. It may be applied using various application techniques, holds the die in place during reflow, and is easily cleaned to give high wire bond pull-strengths.

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