Indium Corporation Features WS-446HF Flip-Chip and Ball-Attach Flux at IEEE EPTC Singapore 2019  

Indium Corporation will feature its new combined flip-chip and ball-attach flux, designed to provide a simple solution to SiP and flip-chip BGA assembly, at IEEE EPTC Singapore 2019, December 4-6, in Singapore.

WS-446HF is a water-soluble, halogen-free flux with an activator system powerful enough to promote good wetting on the most demanding surfaces, including solder-on-pad (SoP), Cu-OSP, ENIG, and surfaces used in embedded trace substrate (ETS), and flip-chip on leadframe (FCOL) .

WS-446HF provides:

  • An activator chemistry powerful enough to deal with a variety of metallizations, yet cleans away completely to  eliminate electrical failures such as dendrites. This is critical for fine-pitch flip-chip applications
  • Tackiness suitable for flipchip and BGA assembly
    • BGA: holding 0.15–0.5mm diameter solder spheres during reflow, eliminating missing balls
    • Flip-chip: Retaining 5×5–15x15mm die in place during reflow, reducing die misalignment and die tilt
  • Consistent deposition in pin transfer, printing, and dipping processes, ensuring consistent joint quality and improving production yields
  • Elimination of multiple fluxing steps, especially in ball-attach assembly, enabling a single-step ball-attach process thus removing the warpage-inducing effects of prefluxing
  • Good cleanability with room temperature DI water (20-35°C), avoiding the formation of white residue

Indium Corporation is a premier materials manufacturer and supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin-film, and thermal management markets. Products include solders and fluxes; brazes; thermal interface materials; sputtering targets; indium, gallium, germanium, and tin metals and inorganic compounds; and NanoFoil®. Founded in 1934, the company has global technical support and factories located in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA.


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