Incap India announces the latest developments in its third factory in Tumkur

Incap India continues to enhance its production capabilities by equipping the new state-of-the-art factory with the latest technology.

According to Murthy Munipalli, the Managing Director of Incap India, the company has started full-fledged production in its newest factory in Tumkur. Two Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines have been successfully installed, and all equipment is set in working order. The new factory is also equipped with an X-RAY machine, two wave soldering machines, a dry heat chamber, stuffing lines, and Finished Goods (FG) Storage.

“The third factory expansion highlights our commitment to supporting our customers’ growth. By increasing our production capacity and integrating advanced technology, we are positioned to deliver even greater value and support to our customers worldwide,” explained Munipalli. He added that around 300 dedicated employees will be contributing their expertise to the production process in the new factory.

Incap India’s factories are located in Tumkur, near Bangalore. In India, Incap specialises in manufacturing electronics and box-build products, having long experience, particularly in power electronics. The factory produces inverters and UPSs, PCBs for fuel and cash dispensers, power supply units, rescue devices, solar inverters, drives, and medical devices, as well as devices for other electronic industrial products. The machinery is suitable for common component technologies, and together with the great location and skilled personnel, Incap can provide high-quality manufacturing services to meet the most demanding customer needs.

The three factories at Incap India have 26,500 square metres of total floor space. The modern facilities enable fast and flexible manufacturing of different types of products. The strategic location of Incap India’s factories provides cost efficiency close to growing markets, ensuring competitive pricing for our customers. With a strong focus on lean manufacturing principles and continuous process improvement, Incap India is able to optimise production processes and deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

The customers of Incap India are globally operating electronic device manufacturers who may be established in Europe but have production facilities in Asia. The factories have deliveries all over the world.

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