5th Annual Edition of European EMS Industry Report Available Now

Dieter Weiss, founder of in4ma, is pleased to announce the publication of the 5th edition of his report on the EMS industry in Europe. The undisputed leading industry expert on the European EMS industry, Weiss has compiled a 160-page comprehensive analysis of the tumultuous post-Covid period that caused unprecedented disruptions in the business of electronics manufacturing. Executives navigating the next few years will benefit from Weiss’ well-researched insights grounded in his thorough and unmatched data collection methodology. This is must-read material for decision-makers.

Dieter G WeissThe last four years have been very demanding for the EMS industry. Whereas 2019 already saw a decline in demand, especially with smaller companies, the outbreak of the pandemic disrupted the market to an extent we have not seen for a very long time. Understanding the reasons behind all the disruption is critical to developing a sound corporate strategy to guide companies into the future. There are many substantial risks.

“Market statistics and market research reports have a negative image with some people in the industry,” explained Weiss. “There are various reasons for this.  All players in the EMS market are interested in the real figures of the European EMS industry but few are willing to give information to achieve accurate figures and even fewer are willing to pay for such information. The information used for this report was sourced directly from EMS companies, company registers in Europe, the annual reports of public companies, the homepages of EMS companies, and professional database agencies.”

The 160-page report includes 220 charts; a section on the global EMS industry to provide context; thorough coverage of countries in both Western and Eastern Europe; and a section called ‘Structures, Trends and Outlooks.” Below is a sample chart.


in4ma’s research is by far the most accurate in the industry. Dieter would be happy to share more information about his rigorous methodology. He is charging a reasonable €1980 for this in-depth report; contact Dieter Weiss now to get your copy. weiss@in4ma.de

For more information about in4ma’s methodologies, go to www.in4ma.de.


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