IDC Launches Turkey’s First Gaming PC Market Report Amid Burgeoning Demand

Istanbul – At a time when Turkey’s overall PC shipments continue to decline, gaming PCs look poised to bring a level of dynamism back to this mature market. That’s according to the latest insights from global technology research and consulting firm International Data Corporation (IDC), which recently launched the first research report dedicated to exploring the potential of Turkey’s burgeoning gaming PC market.

The report, ‘Gaming PC Market in Turkey — An Opportunity to Grow’, examines the evolution of the country’s gaming PC market, details the various macro- and micro-level drivers pushing its growth, and outlines expectations around how the market may evolve over the coming years. By exploring the likely impact of future trends on the market, the report also provides much-needed guidance to technology providers on how to survive and thrive amid such dynamic conditions.

“Barring a short-lived resurgence in 2016, Turkey’s PC market has been in decline since 2011 as business sentiment and consumer confidence have been eroded by a sustained period of economic and political instability,” says Ayse Kaptanoglu, a senior research analyst at IDC Turkey. “However, the global computer games industry has been steadily expanding in recent years, and Turkey is primed to get a share of this growth.”

IDC’s latest findings show that shipments of gaming PCs in Turkey rose 47.7% year on year in Q3 2017 to total 70,878 units. And, according to Kaptanoglu, Turkey has a potentially valuable gaming market on its hands due to a combination of favorable demographics, high levels of internet usage, and growing interest in gaming PCs from beyond the traditional consumer base.

“Out of a population of 80 million, Turkey has 29 million active gamers and 48 million regular internet users, as well as 13 million people aged between 15 and 24,” says Kaptanoglu. “On top of this, the powerful nature of gaming PCs means they have other uses beyond gaming, and we are increasingly seeing interest in this space from government and education institutions, as well as from professions such as architects and designers. All these factors point to the conclusion that gaming PCs can serve as a niche segment through which PC vendors can increase sales.”

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