EMS Provider Intervala Expands Circuit Assembly Capabilities with Valor DFM Analysis Software

February, 2018 – Intervala, LLC, a full-service manufacturer of high-reliability, precision electronic and electromechanical products, announced today that it has implemented Valor® DFM software, expanding its capability offering to include comprehensive DFM (design-for-manufacturing) analysis for complex circuit card assemblies. The new capability allows the Company to accelerate turnaround times for customers by detecting and resolving design issues earlier in the design process before they can cause production delays.

“At Intervala, we build to our customers’ designs as well as the customized designs we create for them. The designs are complex, and the universe of electronic components is vast. In our industry, it’s not uncommon for unforeseen design issues to result in delays during the production process. Our investment in Valor DFM technology is a tremendous benefit to our customers. With this powerful tool, we can identify issues sooner and work with the customer to make design corrections or improvements. The result is smarter solutions, quicker turnarounds, and happy customers. Implementing Valor DFM is one more step we’ve taken to solidify our role as our customers’ trusted go-to manufacturing partner,” said Teresa Huber, president and chief executive officer.

The Valor DFM software performs more than 700 design checks covering all stages of the circuit design process. A unique benefit of the software is access to the Valor Parts Library (VPL), which contains detailed specifications for more than 35 million commercial electronic component part numbers. The VPL also supports the full virtual prototyping of products, providing fast off-line simulations to validate physical design characteristics against assembly constraints even before a first article or pilot run. In addition, Valor users can validate critical manufacturing processes in advance, such as solder-joint formation, test-point accessibility, pick-and-place constraints, rework accessibility, and much more.


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