Breaking Barriers: AI and EMS Collaboration with Zollner Elektronik AG and Luminovo

Join Philip Stoten as he chats with Xaver Feiner, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Zollner Elektronik AG and Sebastian Schaal, Founder and Managing Director of Luminovo about their groundbreaking journey to streamline the EMS prototyping process. We explore how customer feedback drove the need for speed and agility in prototyping, and how Luminovo’s user-friendly tool enabled customers to effortlessly place prototype orders. Xaver shares how this tech-forward approach has been warmly embraced, even in an industry that traditionally values face-to-face interactions. Meanwhile, Sebastian sheds light on the critical balance between digitization and maintaining the trusted B2B relationships that define the EMS world.

In the second part of our conversation, we dive into the transformative power of digital self-service solutions beyond just the quoting phase and their most recent collaboration. Hear about the challenges and rewards of integrating these tools across supply chains and why collaboration with customers and suppliers has been more straightforward than expected. Finally, we explore the strategic partnership between Luminovo and Zollner, Europe’s largest EMS company, and how their collective expertise is pushing the boundaries of industry innovation through digitization and the adoption of AI. This underlines Zollner’s approach to partnering with world leaders in enabling technologies and their unique and insightful approach to partnerships the are enduring and mutually valuable.

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