How Collaboration and Data Integration Create Competitive Advantage, with Koh Young and Cogiscan

Explore the potential of seamless data integration in manufacturing with insights from industry leaders from Cogiscan and Koh Young, filmed on location at Apex 2024. Cogiscan’s Product Manager Julie Cliche-Dubois and Koh Young’s Global Smart Factory Manager Ivan Aduna detail the driving forces and strategic moves behind their partnership, demonstrating how connecting inspection systems to broader MES and ERP frameworks can turn customer challenges into triumphs. Cogiscan’s mastery in interfacing SMT line machinery with a variety of protocols complements Koh Young’s advanced equipment and software, showcasing the value of their collaboration.

This episode underscores the advantages of a ‘Switzerland’ approach to vendor cooperation and the transformative power of common protocols like CFX in creating successful partnerships based on trust, openness and domain expertise. With expert guests Julie and Ivan leading the charge, this episode offers a plethora of insights for anyone looking to leverage the strategic benefits of integration to not just meet, but exceed industry standards. Watch, listen and understand how an open approach to data and partnerships can redefine success in the manufacturing world.

Like every episode of EMS@C-Level, this one was sponsored by global inspection leader Koh Young ( and Adaptable Automation Specialist (

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