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Hat trick for Rutronik

Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH has won its third gold medal: After winning awards for offering “Top Career Opportunities for Engineers” and “Top Career Opportunities for Graduates” as part of the “Germany Test” studies conducted by Focus and Focus Money, the distributor has also scored top marks in the “Top Career Opportunities” study, which included employers from all categories.

Rutronik is the industry benchmark in the wholesale category. The “Germany Test” study “Top Career Opportunities” conducted by Focus and Focus Money looked at the working atmosphere, innovative strength, and employer attractiveness at the 10,000 biggest companies in Germany by number of employees.
The researchers used the results to produce a ranking structured by industry. A total of 748 companies received an award.

It is the distributor’s fourth award of the year. The company had already set standards in the wholesale sector for “Top Career Opportunities for Engineers” and “Top Career Opportunities for Graduates” in the “Germany Test” studies and also scored 100 out of 100 on each occasion. In addition, Rutronik is also among the industry’s top ten training companies.

“Our strategy is paying off”
Thomas Rudel, CEO of Rutronik, is delighted with the latest award: “Our strategy of reacting innovatively and flexibly to change is paying off. In times of ever faster technological development, our employees are always working at the cutting edge. At the same time, the flextime model gives them extensive options to balance their career and family life. Not least, they are able to take advantage of the wide range of professional development and sporting opportunities. As such, we are positioned outstandingly well for the future,” says Rudel.