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Global Operations, Advanced Automation, Cobots, and the Future of EMS with SMTC’s Mickey McCallion

Philip Stoten enjoys a conversation with SMTC’s EVP of Global Operations Mickey McCallion about synthesizing global operations in a company with many different equipment sets. We dig into the world of advanced manufacturing technology and uncover how SMTC is orchestrating the integration of diverse machinery and ERP systems through the CFX platform and strategic partnerships. Mickey provides insights into the transformative potential of AI, the crucial role of automation, even in regions with lower wages, and how these powerful tools are reshaping the talent landscape and competitive dynamics within the industry. We explore the absence of larger collaborative robots, or cobots, at APEX and other a recent industry event, as Mickey points out what he has seen and how he brings a large team to these events to really explore technologies that can shift the needle in their facilities. As EMS companies broaden their supply chain influence, we’ll reveal how the integration of these sophisticated technologies is improving lean manufacturing, offering a glimpse into an era of ever increasing efficiency.

Like every episode of EMS@C-Level, this one was sponsored by global inspection leader Koh Young ( and Adaptable Automation Specialist (

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