Credentialing Adds Value to Training Programs

IEEE’s Credentialing Program can help employers retain a technical workforce

With careers in engineering and technology evolving so rapidly, a company’s commitment to upskilling its employees is imperative to their career growth. Maintaining the appropriate credentials—such as a certificate or digital badge that attests to successful completion of a specific set of learning objectives—can lead to increased job satisfaction, employee engagement, and higher salaries.

For many engineers, mostly in North America, completing a certain number of professional development hours and continuing-education units each year is required to maintain a professional engineering license.

Many companies have found that offering training and credentialing opportunities helps them stay competitive in today’s job marketplace. The programs encourage promotion from within—which helps reduce turnover and costly recruiting expenses for organizations. Employees with a variety of credentials are more engaged in industry-related initiatives and are more likely to take on leadership roles than their noncredentialed counterparts. Technical training programs also give employees the opportunity to enhance their technical skills and demonstrate their willingness to learn new ones.

One way to strengthen and elevate in-house technical training is through the IEEE Credentialing Program. A credential is an assurance of quality education obtained for employers and a source of pride for learners because they can share that their credentials have been verified by the world’s largest technical professional organization.

In addition to supporting engineering professionals in achieving their career goals, the certificates and digital badges available through the program help companies enhance the credibility of their training events, conferences, and courses. Also, most countries accept IEEE certificates towards their domestic continuing-education requirements for engineers.

Start earning your certificates and digital badges with these IEEE courses. Learn how your organization can offer credentials for your courses here.

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