Germany has the first hydrogen-powered trains in the world

Germany introduced the world’s first fully hydrogen-powered passenger rail line. The first five trains came online this week, with a total of 14 planned to ply a route in Lower Saxony. By the end of 2022, the more environmentally-friendly trains will replace 15 diesel trains.

Quiet and emission-free, the Coradia iLint trains leave only condensed water and steam behind them on the tracks. A single tank of hydrogen keeps them running all day for up to 621 miles.

“Emission free mobility is one of the most important goals for ensuring a sustainable future,” said Henri Poupart-Lafarge, train maker Alstom’s CEO, in a statement. The trains’ usual speed is 50 to 75 miles per hour, but can operate at a maximum of 87 miles per hour.

SOURCE: Inhabitat

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