Fujitsu Launches New PRIMEQUEST Series, Boosts Processing Performance by up to 50%

Fujitsu today announced the start of worldwide sales for its new mission-critical x86 Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST 3000 series, featuring the latest processors from the Intel Xeon processor Scalable family.

The PRIMEQUEST 3000 series adopts the latest processors, with up to 28 cores per CPU and support for up to 8 CPUs (224 cores). Memory capacity has also been expanded to a maximum of 12 TB, and compared to the previous series, processing performance has been increased by up to 50%(1). Moreover, this new series can support up to 32 TB of NVMe SSDs, the latest storage connection standard, leading to an improvement in large-scale database access performance. By reducing the number of components, weight has been reduced by up to about 30% compared to previous models, and the size of the chassis has been reduced from the previous 10U down to a 7U rack unit, while total power consumption remains equal to or below previous models, despite an increase of up to 24% in CPU power consumption.

With these improvements, this new series offers even greater performance than the previous series, while continuing to offer high reliability and usability. Fujitsu will continue to contribute to its customers’ businesses by offering these products, effectively delivering high processing performance for database systems and in-memory computing to respond to corporate data utilization needs, which are gathering momentum with the development of IoT.

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