Free Spanish Webinar about Optimizing Pin Inspection using True3D Technology from Koh Young

Atlanta, GA – Koh Young, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, along with its Mexico sales partner Repstronics will deliver a free webinar on Wednesday, 03 March 2021 at11:00AM CST (GMT-6).

Gus JimenezRegister today and secure your seat in the virtual event to learn from how to reduce costs and increase yields with Koh Young. “Using our world-class True3D™ AOI technology, we designed the award-winning KY-P3 to overcome pin inspection challenges like high false call rates and escapes,” commented featured speaker Gustavo Jimenez, Regional Sales Manager at Koh Young. “The KY-P3 provides an automated solution combining advanced high-resolution optics with innovative AI-powered vision algorithms for automated pin inspection. I look forward to discussing how our KY-P3 delivers unmatched inspection capabilities that directly help high-volume applications, including automotive and connector assembly,” concluded Gustavo.

Incorporating the world’s first full 3D quad-projection probe, the system delivers shadow-free measurement of SMDs and pins up to 25mm tall. Additionally, the “Stop-and-Go” movement allows it to capture 3D measurement data without system vibration, image stitching, or data interpolation. The KYP3s deliver reliable 3D measurement results with superior accuracy to boost your productivity and reduce costs.

Ideal for single pin, array, forked, press-fit, and more configurations, the KYP3 quickly and accurately measures pin height, presence/absence, offset, shoulder height (absolute and relative), and coplanarity. It also measures the critical distance between features in absolute and relative terms, as well as inner/outer wall distances and pin separation. The system is even capable of solder paste height measurement and users are deploying it for Final Optical Inspection (FOI) of enginecontrol units. Because the solution employs a quantitative measurement-based approach, the KY-P3 accuracy and repeatability is unsurpassed.

To learn more about this celebrated technology from Koh Young, register for the Spanish webinar here or use this link

If you cannot attend the webinar, you can learn more about the Koh Young award-winning solutions by visiting its regional website at


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