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Fisnar Announces Launch of New QuantXTM Dispensing Component Sample Kits

Global manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing systems, Fisnar is delighted to announce the launch of two brand-new dispensing component sample kits: QK-CSK and QK-NSK.

These sample kits are part of the Fisnar QuantXTM product line, a premium dispense management system offering users greater accuracy and improved yields.

Designed for first time buyers, Fisnar QuantXTM sample kits give users the option to try several product variations before committing to a higher volume purchase.

The QK-CSK syringe barrel sample kit is a complete starter kit including a selection of dispense tips, flat base tip caps, end caps, pistons and all syringe barrel styles and sizes. Manufactured from silicone-free, premium grade polypropylene, Fisnar syringe barrels are available from 3cc to 55cc in black for maximum light protection, amber for UV protection up to 520 nm visible light and natural for non-UV materials. With the new QK-CSK kit, users can also explore four different Fisnar barrel adapter options with varying hose lengths and optional filter traps.

Available as part of the QK-CSK complete kit, or as a standalone product, the QK-NSK needle selection kit contains a selection of our most popular dispense tips – in different gauge sizes – including tapered, PFTE and flexible tips.

First launched back in 2012, the Fisnar QuantXTM product line has proven to be popular amongst consumers seeking a superior industrial dispensing performance and Fisnar is hopeful that the new sample kits will be a welcome addition to the range.

Global Product Line Manager Robert Campbell comments: “Our new sample kits have been developed to offer customers a useful way to evaluate a range of dispensing products before deciding on the most effective type for their application – a proposition we are sure they will value”

The new Fisnar QuantXTM Sample Kits are available to purchase now. Please contact to enquire.