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Faster Face Recognition: Rutronik adds new Module from Omron to its Portfolio

The new HVC face recognition module from Omron Electronic Components Europe boasts a maximum recognition speed of up to ten times that of the existing unit. With the module, any embedded developer can add face recognition functionality to a system without the need to understand the algorithms or the optical design. The new HVC-P2 B5T is available at with 50° camera or 90° camera.

The Omron HVC-P2 B5T offers ten key image sensing functions: detection of a human face, hand or body, face recognition, gender detection, age estimation, mood estimation, facial pose estimation, gaze estimation and blink estimation. In each case the module returns a value together with a degree of certainty, allowing the programmer to configure the response appropriately for each individual application.

Besides the greater speed, the HVC-P2 B5T module offers greater consistency of response, and an increased distance over which readings can be taken. To make the module easier to integrate, it is now supplied in two parts: a 25 x 25 x 8,7 (or 15,7 – wide angle camera) mm camera board and a 45 x 45 x 8,2 mm main board. There are two types available: A long range type with an angle of view of 40° x 50° and a wide angle type with 70° x 90°. The module is now also available with a choice of a UART or USB interface.

The new HVC face recognition module is ideal for vending machines, home appliances, AC units, robots matching people, lights targeting only people, hands free machine operation and doors opening to registered people.

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