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Exploring the Complexities of EMS Leadership and Growth with Amtech CEO Jay Patel

Explore the ever-evolving EMS industry with Jay Patel, CEO of Amtech, filmed on location at APEX24. This episode delivers a deep dive into high mix, low volume manufacturing, where Jay describes the strategies ensuring Amtech’s robust customer loyalty and their approach to design collaboration, DFM, and supply chain. We also explore reshoring and how global geopolitics are reshaping the manufacturing landscape. Jay’s insights offer a unique perspective on the importance of corporate culture that sits at the core of Amtech. Jay and host Philip Stoten dig into the realities of talent acquisition, automation, and their vital roles in steering a company forward. We also take a look toward the economic horizon of 2024, considering the agility and innovative spirit businesses must embrace to thrive amidst the disruptions of trade wars, pandemics and supply chain challenges. Jay underscores the importance of C-level networking, including at events organized by IPC, where sharing ambitions, challenges and industry predictions becomes a key part of strategic foresight.

Like every episode of EMS@C-Level, this one was sponsored by global inspection leader Koh Young ( and Adaptable Automation Specialist (

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