ETC Awarded $1.8 Million Contract for its Sterilization Systems Group

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa. — Environmental Tectonics Corporation’s  Sterilization Systems Group announced it has been awarded a $1.8 million contract from an international customer. The contract includes one, twelve pallet ethylene oxide (“EO”) sterilization chamber with automated pallet conveyance for use with the sterilization of medical devices, “This contract is an example of ETC Sterilization Systems Group repeat business in EO sterilization and system controls,” states Eric Hunnicutt, ETC Director of EO Sterilizer Sales.    ETC’s Sterilization Systems Group offers Steam and Ethylene Oxide (“EO”) Sterilizer Systems, Vacuum Dryers, Software Systems, and project management services to the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Life Science industries. ETC’s systems are often specially designed to meet unique process systems challenges.

About ETC

ETC designs, manufactures, and sells software driven products and services used to recreate and monitor the physiological effects of motion on humans, and equipment to control, modify, simulate and measure environmental conditions. Our products include aircrew training systems (aeromedical, tactical combat, and general), disaster management systems, sterilizers (steam and gas), environmental testing and simulation systems, and other products that involve similar manufacturing techniques and enginee

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