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eSMART Factory 2023 attracts leading factory automation experts

Global SMT & Packaging magazine, an imprint of Trafalgar Publications Ltd., is pleased to announce the eSMART Factory Conference 2023, to be held on Monday, May 8th at the Sheraton Carlton Hotel, Nürnberg, Germany.

The unique focus of the eSmartFactory conference 2023, is to create and discover best practices for Digital Transformation and Hyper-automation, addressing the very real challenges that manufacturing faces from all that the last few years has thrown at it.

The Keynote address from Steffen Kröhnert will focus on the converging areas of SMT and backend advanced packaging. With an increased demand for OSAT capability in US and Europe, Kröhnert argues this provides a unique opportunity for EMS companies.

eSMART Factory is held one day before SMTconnect and registered delegates will benefit from a 50% discount on the 3-day exhibition pass. The conference is divided into three distinct sessions:


Digitalization and Transformation

The conference programme kicks-off with the latest updates to IPC’s CfX platform, which forms the backbone of connected production line.

Gadi Meik from Arch Systems discusses the use of event based daa to capture expert knowledge, based on their considerable experience with Flex around the world. Michale Ford, Aegis presents an advanced AI ecosystem platform and Oren Manor, siemens Mentor looks along the entire supply chain to develop a unified digital thread.


Factory and Emerging Technologies

Rob Raine, ASMPT present the latest materials handling systems to manage components form the warehouse to the feeder. Greg Vance from Rockwell takes a deep dive and identifies anomalies in pick and place nozzle technology.

A new form of micron-scale printing of conductive inks on substrates for rapid prototyping is the subject of Philip Granek’s presentation.

Another unique technology developed at the University of Bath, England is Lab on a Chip. A biomedical diagnostic chip that is set to change the landscape in medical science using testing and data-driven management.


Inspection and Cybersecurity

Koh Young begin this session with a presentation on how AI supports process control. As factories become more cyber-physical, Ryan Heartfield, Exalens explains the need for increased vigilance and a system to determine if abnormal process behaviour is caused by a cyber threat or an equipment failure.

Kristen Vogelsang, Keysight will present on how to improve decision processes using big data analytics. And finally, Eyal Weiss, Cybord reveals a unique system for detecting counterfeits during the pick and place process.

The conference ends with drinks and canapes in an informal networking environment and a follow-up panel discussion debating the lessons learned from eSmart Factory 2023 will be livestreamed from the show floor at SMTconnect on Tuesday, May 9th.

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