Enics’ Recruits in the Nordic Countries

Enics is a dynamically growing company that is both growing its volumes in the electronics manufacturing, as well as expanding its capabilities to wider and wider portions of an electronics
product lifecycle; Enics Build the Future strategy supports the development of the company to a full turnkey service provider. To enable this, Enics is recruiting intensively in Finland and Sweden over the next years.

Enics growth strategy aims for taking the company to the 1-billion € class by increasing the capabilities to serve the full lifecycle of customers’ electronic products. From design and prototyping to high-volume manufacturing and repair and maintenance of an entire product. “While until now Enics has been the expert in electronics manufacturing, our future holds excellent capabilities as an electronics turnkey service provider, giving our customers the opportunity to utilize our expertise and efficient supply chains even more”, tells Enics Chief Technology Officer Kristian Federley. “Right now, this development is seen especially in our global Engineering Hub in Oulu and Manufacturing site in Västerås that are recruiting several experts. Enics Oulu Engineering hub already is the center for our Product and Test Development service and it’s developing further in electronics design. In the coming years we are recruiting 40 new design engineers to the Oulu Engineering team, making it a significant Electronics Test and Design Center. Enics Västerås is developing into our After-sales Center in Europe over the upcoming year. To enable this, the existing capabilities at Enics Västerås are strengthened with recruitment of up to 30 new employees: specialists in engineering, product development, sales and customer service.

Being a global company, Enics has the possibility to focus expertise in the areas with the best availability of knowhow, close to our current and future customers and also potential partners. Both Oulu and Västerås have significant industrial and business ecosystems that Enics is a part of and wants to be also in the future”.

Enics Oulu Test and Design Center currently has a team of 21 engineers focusing on test development and electronics turnkey product design. In the upcoming 3-4 years, Enics Oulu will be
growing into a center of excellence in electronics design and test development with 60 engineers and specialists serving Enics global customers and manufacturing network. Enics Västerås has a legacy in electronics manufacturing and After Sales services, with engineering teams supporting these. In the future, Enics Västerås’ capabilities will expand especially in
electronics design, prototyping for complex system assembly and new product introduction (NPI), as well as developing Enics Västerås’ after sales capabilities into excellence – covering product care, obsolescence management for obsolete components and materials. Besides recruitments, Enics has invested in the development of Enics Västerås with a new low-volume, high-mix After Sales production line and training of its operators.

Enics growth in the Nordics lays the foundations of next development steps in Central Europe and Asia.

For more information, go to Enics – Electronics Manufacturing Services

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