EMSNOW Show Preview: productronica 2019

EMSNOW Show Preview: productronica 2019

EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll and the rest of the industry are packing their bags for Munich this week. With the city motto, München mag dich, or Munich Likes You, attendees will no doubt benefit both professionally and personally from this colossal event. As the largest international event in the electronics manufacturing industry, productronica is the only trade fair worldwide that represents the entire value chain. It combines all the elements of innovative development and production of electronics, providing a platform for companies from all over the world to introduce their new hardware technologies, software and services.

productronica logolettclaim rgbThis year’s program focuses on Innovation and Talent development with special events enabling great networking and educational opportunities.

The event kicks off with a Keynote Presentation from Markus Fessler, Head of Digital Operation and Digital Innovation Lead, Nokia Operations.

Markus Fessler

Markus Fessler

According to productronica officials, “The Key Note strives to bridge the present and the 5G future for our industry and describes Nokia’s own challenges to achieve the intelligent factory of the future. What opportunities are available now with dedicated campus networks or by allocation of a local frequency in Germany. How does the Internet of Things and analytics as well as artificial intelligence contribute to productivity gains in the factory? Nokia enriches the Industry’s toolbox with a reference architecture that brings structure, practicality and simplicity to the complex industrial environment.”

Expect to see over 1,500 exhibitors from 43 countries; in 2017 there were 44,987 visitors from 96 countries. With over 88,000 square meters of exhibition space, exhibitors will be pleased that 77% of visitors in 2017 had decision-making authority.


Here’s a sampling of the new technology being unveiled at productronica 2019:

Bright Machines exhibits in Munich for the first time this year showcasing their software first approach to assembly and inspection. They are showcasing their microfactories, which are production-ready modular units, based on adaptive robotics technology, that can be configured to meet the manufacturing needs of the product being assembled. With this revolutionary vision, they are bringing intelligence to the factory floor.

Bright Machines MicrofactoryDuring the event, attendees can visit Bright Machines in the Innovation Forum to learn how their microfactories can bring greater flexibility and speed to the backend of your production line, all at a low cost. And you can catch Bright Machines CTO, Brian Mathews, on November 13 delivering a presentation focused on how automating automation will help define the future of manufacturing. Bright Machines is at stand B2108.


Indium Corporation will feature its new high-performance, high-reliability low-temperature alloy technology.

DurafuseTM LT is a novel, low-temperature alloy system designed to provide high-reliability in low-temperature applications that need to reflow below 210°C. Where traditional low-temperature solders can produce brittle solder joints that are susceptible to drop shock failures, DurafuseTM LT provides improved drop shock resilience, outclassing BiSn or BiSnAg alloys, and performing better than SAC305 with optimum process setup. DurafuseTM LT:

  • Provides a solution for heat-sensitive components and flex polymers
  • Prevents thermal warpage of processor components and multilayer boards
  • Meets low-temperature requirements for step soldering, particularly in RF shield attachment and rework applications

To learn more about Indium Corporation’s innovative low-temperature technology, visit the company at  Hall A4, Booth 214 or online at www.indium.com/solders/solder-alloys/.


Cogiscan launches new TTC Go! Application.

cogiscan appAs part of Cogiscan’s ongoing commitment to our industry-leading suite of Material Control and other TTC Applications, we are proud to show TTC GO! for the first time at productronica. This new application, is a major upgrade to the already widely used Portable Operator Interface. Operators require simple and intuitive tools to run production. This new application is completely redesigned to take full advantage of Android 7+ supported mobile devices.
The new TTC GO! Is Modern, Intuitive & Simple:
• Simplify production tasks with a modern and user-friendly handheld
Interface with intuitive navigation features  
• Leverage flexibility by downloading the free app on any
Android supported device
• Upgrade outdated technology that will no longer be supported by
PDA vendors
• Save hardware costs by utilizing modern, reliable, and less
expensive devices that can be easily upgraded.
“With the introduction of TTC GO, we break a paradigm in how manufacturing software user interfaces are designed.  The context driven interface is very intuitive and easy to use as it guides the user to achieve simple tasks with as little clicks, data entry or scanning steps as possible,” stated André Corriveau, CTO at Cogiscan. “Built on state-of-the-art technologies, it runs over Windows and Android platforms, including smart phones.”
Cogiscan POI users can download & upgrade for FREE​ with a valid service contract. Come see the new TTC GO! At productronica, Hall A2 Stand #421.
Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection and measurement equipment, will demonstrate new inspection and measurement systems and software at Hall A2 Stand #259. Saki is also participating in the 3D AOI Arena, sponsored by EPP and EPP Europe, at stand A2.506.

saki smt mm inspection wideSaki is demonstrating its new 3D AXI system for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), the 3Xi-M110 inline 3D-CT automated X-ray inspection system. In addition, Saki will be introducing a new system for the advanced semiconductor packaging industry, an inline 3D-CT automated X-ray inspection system for insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs).Saki’s Planar Computed Tomography (PCT) provides precise volumetric measurements and shape reconstruction to find voids, head-in-pillow (HiP), and other defects that are extremely difficult to identify. Saki’s 3D AXI system for PCBAs has a revolutionary new X-ray tube which can reduce X-ray exposure up to 70% by powering on the X-rays only at the moment of image capture.On display will be Saki’s ultra-fast 2Di-LU1 bottom-side AOI system for through-hole soldering inspection. This versatile system automates the bottom-side inspection process, eliminates board flipping and handling, and ensures quality after the potting, dip, wave, and selective soldering processes.

Saki has partnered with Cogiscan to speed the development of Smart Factory Solutions. By incorporating Cogiscan’s TTC solutions into its inspection systems, Saki will be able to expand the manufacturing software capabilities of its SPI, AOI, and AXI software. A new Saki software suite will be introduced and demonstrated at Productronica.

Saki continues to be on the forefront of M2M communication to realize the Smart Factory Solution and Industry 4.0 and has established relationships with many of the leading companies in the electronics assembly industry. Saki adheres to the standards set forth by the SMT equipment communication protocol standardization subcommittee (JARA), the Hermes Standard, and IPC/CFX.

“2019 has been a busy year for Saki with new products, technologies, partnerships, and growth. We recently moved to new facilities in Shenzhen, China and the Czech Republic and expanded our applications and demonstration center in Tokyo,” said Masahide Iino, director and head of the sales division of Saki Corporation. “We invite both SEMICON Europa and Productronica attendees to visit our booth in Munich. For those not attending, please arrange a visit to one of our worldwide showrooms.”


SEHO Systems GmbH, a worldwide leading manufacturer of complete solutions for soldering processes and automated production lines, will exhibit in Hall A4, Booth #578. The company will showcase innovative features for its product range. The new functions are designed to bring process reliability to a higher level and further improve production sequences in electronic manufacturing.

After the successful introduction of the new preheat option for wave soldering systems using pulsar emitters that allow cost-efficient production from a lot size of one up to large series, SEHO now has further optimized the soldering area.

SEHO has developed an innovative automatic nozzle height adjustment system for the MWS 2300 high-end wave soldering system that allows the optimal distance between the printed circuit board and the solder nozzles. The system operates independently from the carrier design and without any negative influence on cycle time. In addition, SEHO will introduce the first automatic wave height measurement system integrated in the soldering area of the MWS 2300. Based on the measuring results, the wave height is automatically regulated within adjustable tolerances. The system thereby ensures the same height across the entire wave width at any time.

SEHO StartSelectiveFor the first time, SEHO also will show the successful THT AOI System PowerVision in a configuration designed for in-line use with wave soldering systems. The SEHO PowerVision can be configured depending on the manufacturing requirements. In Munich, the system will be installed in front of the MWS 2300 and it will be equipped with an automatic placement control at assembly belt level. At the return conveyor level, i.e., in the lower machine area, an automatic solder joint inspection unit will be integrated to test soldered assemblies for typical soldering defects such as insufficient solder joints, menisci or solder balls. Both systems work independently from each other and are integrated into the same module to save space.

When it comes to the increased requirements for the production of LED technology, 5G antennas and other products of the future, a new innovation for the SEHO SelectLine selective soldering system provides the solution. This new feature allows processing of virtually endlessly long assemblies while they are passing through the system with automatically optimized cycle time.


Nordson ASYMTEK introduces more products and solutions to create reliable and efficient conformal coating and dispensing processes in electronics manufacturing at Hall A2, stand 345.

New conformal coating demonstrations and technologies on display:

  • The new Panorama™ S-Line delivers conformal coating process control in a space-saving footprint with overlapping line processes that minimize manufacturing floor space. This innovative, patent-pending line layout, trims 50% from the line’s length by using the lower compartment in each piece of equipment for the heated return or flash-off process. This line includes the popular Select Coat® SL-940 coater, an automated coating inspection system and a curing module. An integrated coating thickness sensor allows the user to adjust the coating program speed depending on a thickness trend variation, as well as inter-machine communication (Industry 4.0) to provide real-time Cpk so that coating productivity can be easily monitored.
  • The new Qadence™ flow control system (patent pending) is integrated with the Select Coat® SL-940 conformal coating platform. With an enhanced spray process and flow stabilization, the resulting system delivers closed-loop flow control at new levels of accuracy with highly consistent performance.
  • Other demonstrations include new two-component (2K) and spray conformal coating demonstrations.

Productronica PR LoResNew automated fluid dispensing demonstrations and technologies on display:

  • Two Helios® SD-960 dispensers demonstrate two-component (2K) and large-volume dispensing with process controls that protect the accuracy demanded by electronics manufacturers. A space-saving, integrated plasma pre-treatment is also displayed for more efficiency and productivity during large-volume dispensing.
  • The new precision dispenser, Forte™ Series, includes a dual-simultaneous dispense head with two high-frequency IntelliJet® Jetting Systems that dispense at the same time to further boost UPH and quality outcomes – reducing dispense time by 50% and automatically adjusting for workpiece and individual component rotational skew.
  • The Vantage® Series dispensing system, introduced at Productronica 2017, now features a dual-head for even more speed with precision.
  • The popular Spectrum® II dispenser is integrated with a new type of progressive cavity pump to enhance small-volume dispensing. This platform also includes a post-dispense inspection kit that provides process control for consistently jetting small volumes as low as 1 nanoliter at frequencies up to 1000 Hz.
  • A new family of progressive cavity pumps will be introduced, offering precision dispensing performance for a range of fluid volumes from large to micro-levels. One pump model is ideal for dispensing narrow lines of two-component fluids in low flowrates.


Koh Young Technology HQsThis year marks the 10-year anniversary for Koh Young Europe GmbH. Building on the distribution network created by Pieter Stins, Harald Eppinger set up Koh Young Europe in Alzenau, just a short drive from Frankfurt. Since its unveiling in January 2009, Koh Young Europe has grown from a three-person operation in a 250 square meter office into the leading European electronics inspection supplier. Not only has the staff increased to over 30 people, it now has 15,000 square meters dedicated to machine demonstrations, customer training, technical service, support, sales, and operations.

Koh Young Europe will emphasize its market leadership that is founded on its deep-rooted SPI and AOI expertise during productronica 2019 . Their MOI and API technologies, which combined with SPI and AOI, account for over 16,000 installed inspection systems – the most of any inspection supplier in our industry. “Over the past 10 years, Koh Young Europe has earned many awards and accolades; yet, the company remains focused and is positioned to deliver so much more,” said Harald Eppinger, Managing Director at Koh Young Europe.

Koh Young invites attendees to visit booth A2.377/A2.361. The booth will highlight our flagship aSPIre3 SPI and Zenith 2 AOI, as well as our brand-new Zenith Alpha AOI series, plus the award-winning KY-P3 for pin/terminal inspection, and the new Neptune Conformal Coating Inspection Microscope.


Cleaning machines, cleaning agents and analytical support

zestron productronicaUsing the motto “Make the Cleaning Check”, ZESTRON will be exhibiting a selection of state-of-the-art cleaning machines from leading international manufacturers. Visitors who are looking for a new cleaning system will be shown diverse, innovative and proven technologies. ZESTRON’s process engineers and experts from the equipment manufacturers are available to answer questions about the technology as well as the compatible cleaning chemistry.

In addition to the selection of machines and cleaning agents, the focus is on process monitoring. Trade show visitors can get information about innovative test methods and measuring concepts that help to ensure the reliability of electronic assemblies and to optimize production processes. Halle A2, Stand 359



Rehm Thermal Systems’ RDS UV Dryer will be on display at productronica. csm kl Rehm uebergibt Reflow Loetsystem dcaaaccUV coatings and UV adhesives facilitate fast hardening in just seconds, ensure short cycle times and increased production speeds and successfully connect environmental and economic benefits. There are also qualitative aspects in addition to this, such as a high level of gloss, as well as the increased durability and scratch resistance of the surface. It therefore comes as no surprise that the electronics industry is also increasingly turning to UV coatings. With the RDS UV Dryer, Rehm provides a system that has been specifically tailored to the requirements of drying UV coatings

The RDS UV Dryer will be exhibited at the Rehm Thermal Systems stand, with Rehm employees on hand to answer any questions. The Rehm Thermal Systems stand can be found in Hall A4, Stand 335. You can find more information, including about the systems to be exhibited by Rehm Thermal Systems at productronica, at www.rehm-group.com.

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