EMSNOW Profile: Asteelflash

Asteelflash is a global leader in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Supply-Chain Management solutions, and now a member of USI (SSE: 601231), Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


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HQ Address: 6 Rue Vincent Van Gogh, 93360 Neuilly-Plaisance

Website: https://www.asteelflash.com/fr/   https://www.usiglobal.com/en


Manufacturing services provided: (Asteelflash + USI)

  • PCBA design
  • Prototyping
  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Material purchasing
  • Printed Circuit Board Assemble (PCBA)
  • Box Build
  • Testing services
  • Fulfillment
  • After Market services
  • Miniaturization (USI)



  • Employee Count: Over 10,000, including Asteelflash and USI
  • # of Manufacturing facilities by region: (Asteelflash + USI)
    • Americas: 3
    • Asia: 10
    • Europe: 14
    • ROW: 1 (Tunisia)
  • # of SMT lines by region: (Asteelflash Only)
    • Americas: 6 SMT lines [+ 22 SMT in Mexico (USI)]
    • Asia: 16 SMT lines [+ 153 SMT in Asia (USI)]
    • Europe: 28 SMT lines
    • ROW: 7 SMT lines
  • Manufacturing floor space by region (in sq ft or meters, please specify): (Asteelflash + USI)
    • Americas: 61,878 m²
    • Asia: 507,833 m²
    • Europe: 92,214m²
    • ROW: 24,000m²


Customer Base:

Industry Sector % Business
Automotive 15% (AFG)
IoT & Consumer 16% (AFG)
Industrial 20% (AFG)
Energy 16% (AFG)
Medical 6% (AFG)

Defense / Military

4% (AFG
Data Processing 20% (AFG)
Transportation  3% (AFG)


  • Over 1Billion Euros (€) (Asteelflash + USI)


What do you consider your key differentiators as an EMS?

  • Our ability to serve customers for all kinds of needs, from high mix low volume to high volume low mix, with an excellent level of service.
  • Our global footprint, for local-to-local delivery in the three main regions.
  • Our miniaturizing skills enable us to bring significant cost-down proposals to our customers.
  • Our significant R&D workforce, for JDM projects (> 1000 people in the fields of mechanics, hardware & software).
  • Our experience in transferring productions from Asia to EMEA and NAM.
  • Our automatization know-how, our ability to design and build fully automatic assembly lines in a very efficient way.



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