EMSNOW on Tour – Eric and Dieter Visit Zollner and Are Very Impressed

Eric Miscoll and Dieter Weiss find their way through the snow to the Czech border and the town of Zandt, home to Europe’s largest domestic EMS and the world’s largest privately owned EMS, Zollner.

unnamedAs Eric so eloquently puts it, “The power and the might of tier one was on display.” It is hard not to be impressed by the scale, but also by the level of integration, of capability and of expertise and experience. Zollner have nine factories in Germany and many more all around the world. They are recognized and approved in China to supply the Chinese government. They are active in Silicon Valley and in Costa Rica, and all their factories are part of organic growth and development, not acquisitions.

In the training center, Eric and Dieter saw the high level of professional training offered to apprentices. Even the grandson of Manfred Zandt, the founder of the company is undertaking a Zollner apprenticeship.



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