EMSNOW North American EMS Industry Report 2022 Available Now

EMSNOW North American EMS Industry Report 2022 Available Now


The accelerating trend of reshoring to achieve a regional strategy has brought EMS business back to North America. EMS companies are expanding capacity in this region and OEMs are looking for manufacturing partners as they execute these plans. A second trend is the ‘electrification of everything’ as electronics permeates every aspect of daily life. This has created a rush of new applications where PCBAs are needed. The industry is set to see substantial growth, and, indeed, this is what is happening in spite of some broader economic hiccups.

“In response to these trends, EMSNOW is compiling data about the current state of the North American EMS industry to help OEMs identify EMS companies that have the capabilities and experience to provide required services in North America,” explained EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll, author of the report. “We have been covering this industry for decades and we do not believe that anyone has a solid handle on how many EMS companies actually are in operation in North America. There are directories, but the devil is in the details. This industry is in a constant state of flux. More visibility is needed to help OEMs connect with EMS partners. As has always been the case, the key to finding the right EMS requires careful alignment of a particular OEM’s requirements with compatible EMS’ capabilities.

“Our goal is to provide an operational profile of the EMS industry in North America based on primary survey data and secondary research. We identify EMS companies of all sizes that can provide services and we track trends that can help guide the OEM. All these resources can be accessed through EMSNOW.com,” Miscoll concluded.

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