EMSNOW Launches Special India Coverage

EMSNOW is pleased to announce the launch of a monthly newsletter on the growing electronics manufacturing industry in India. In collaboration with  ESC India, we are ramping up our coverage of this dynamic region. Our monthly coverage will include interviews, data and insights, announcements of company news about India, and reports from analysts with expertise about doing business in that geography.

EMSNOW INDIA RDLOGO BLUEAccording to ESC India’s estimates, current total EMS production in India totals US$25B, and is forecast to grow to US$150B by 2025. There is strong government support for domestic electronics manufacturing capabilities, including developing the electronic component eco-system as discussed at length on the Eric Miscoll Show (EMS) recently posted on EMS in India with the support of ESC India.  That discussion featured Sunil Vachani, CEO of Dixon Technologies and Vinod Sharma, Managing Director of Deki Electronics and Executive Member & Past Chairman’s of ESC India.  Here’s the link:  The EMS in India video.  


Gurmeet Singh, Executive Director ESC India

“ESC India is pleased to provide on-the-scene insights and support for EMSNOW.com’s focus on India,” noted Gurmeet Singh, Executive Director of ESC India. “The recent acceleration of growth for the electronics manufacturing industry in India is quite promising, and we are excited to help spread the news to EMSNOW’s global audience of EMS executives, OEMs and suppliers to the industry,”

“We’ve been tracking the electronics manufacturing industry in India for many years, and frankly there were some infrastructure and ease of doing business challenges that needed to be addressed,” observed Eric Miscoll, EMSNOW publisher. “After speaking with Sunil and Vinod, and working with Gurmeet, we are encouraged that the region has reached a turning point. We look forward to providing insights and data about this exciting time for this important region.”

EMSNOW India will launch in the coming weeks with a separate page and monthly newsletter. To submit press releases and product information specific to this geography, please contact jread@emsnow.com or emiscoll@emsnow.com.

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