EMS 2.0: An OEM Perspective – Jens Ebbesen, SVP Supply Chain & Partner Sales at Kamstrup A/S and Bartosz Mazurek, VP Bright Machines

In this first episode of EMS 2.0, Eric discusses precisely how smart manufacturing is bringing real competitive advantage to the industry. His guests discuss the challenges and the opportunities of implementing the factory of the future from their decades of experience in global electronics manufacturing.  Jens Ebbesen, SVP Supply Chain at Kamstrup, a smart meter OEM,  explains the transformation of the company from a pure hardware manufacturer to a solutions provider in sustainability energy and clean water by adding data collection, AI and hosting services to their offering. He and Bartosz Mazurek, VP at Bright Machines share their thoughts about automating the complex ‘back end’ assembly processes in electronics manufacturing, where the industry is headed, what the end state of Industry 4.0 really will be, and much more.