Electrolube Partner with DfR Solutions to Study Cracking Defects of Conformal Coatings

Global electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, has joined forces with DfR Solutions, a leading provider of  quality, reliability, and durability (QRD) solutions for the electronics industry, to conduct a joint research study examining the cracking defects of conformal coatings. Electrolube is among the world’s foremost experts in the formulation and application of conformal coatings for a variety of industries and will conduct a detailed investigation of over 3000 samples, including artificial ageing and characterization, over the course of 6 to 9 months.

In an attempt to mitigate the risk of corrosion and environmental test failure, an increasing number of electronic designs, driven by the explosive growth of automotive electronics and Internet of Things (IoT), are incorporating conformal coatings. However, incompatibilities between the coating, the design and the environment can result in cracks in the conformal coating, consequently reducing or completely eliminating the effectiveness of the coating.

Phil Kinner, Electrolube’s Global Business Director of Conformal Coatings, comments, “As a direct result of our extensive knowledge and experience with conformal coatings, Electrolube has a robust understanding of this chemistry, and by collaborating with DfR Solutions and its unrivaled physics-based Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ tool, we are excited to extend complete reassurance and confidence to our customers in selecting the most appropriate coating, early in the design process.”

Craig Hillman, CEO of DfR Solutions added, “Many of our customers, especially in the automotive and aviation industries, use Electrolube coatings and we are very motivated to work closely with them, to develop a robust solution to this increasingly challenging problem.”

Electrolube’s Managing Director, Ron Jakeman, comments, “Working closely with DfR Solutions is further evidence of Electrolube’s commitment to the markets we serve. The detailed analysis of over 3000 samples is a vast undertaking, which we are more than adequately equipped to fulfil, particularly with the Sherlock Analysis™ Software. We have always rigorously examined our coatings in our in-house thermal shock chamber and testing laboratories, to ensure that we deliver the best electronics protection formulations available today. However, collaborating with DfR Solutions will enable us to offer customers an even greater insight into how environments impact on the long-term performance of assemblies.”

The dynamic collaboration between DfR Solutions and Electrolube is expected to produce fascinating conclusions to give global electronics manufacturers the full, informed advantage of increasing the long-term reliability of their end-products