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ICAPE Group celebrates 20 years in PCB industry

2020 The record-breaking year for ICAPE Group?

In 2019, ICAPE Group celebrates 20 years of activity in the PCB and technical part industries. Since 1999, the young company has grown internationally and by 2020, ICAPE Group will be staffed with more than 400 employees throughout 18 business units worldwide. The group is growing at a constant annual rate of 20% with great hopes for the future.

In the PCB and electronics parts market for more than 20 years, ICAPE Group is one of the main players and a privileged witness of the technological revolution that created the world in which we live. Over the last two decades, ICAPE Group has built a strong relationship with each of their 75 factory partners, selected according to the most stringent requirements in terms of competitiveness, ethics and sustainability. The demand for special and complex PCB technologies such as HDI, flex or rigid-flex has increased considerably in the industry, even though simple PCBs, such as single-sided or multilayers, are still mostly used. ICAPE Group really wants to stay ahead on the high-tech market by offering the best services: from quotation to supply chain, including a high level of quality control in the group’s own 2 in-house laboratories, located in China and in the USA.

With two new digital platforms for quick self-quotations (ICAPE Shop / CIPEM Shop), ICAPE Group customers can order, from anywhere in the world, the best products available on the market alongside all ICAPE Group expert services.

The electronics industry no longer has any secrets for ICAPE Group and CIPEM (the subsidiary specialized in custom-made technical parts created in 2004). CIPEM has developed a network of 25 key partners in Asia with the excellence requirement of ICAPE Group. Creating a long-term relationship based on trust and respect with factory partners is a strategic point. These relationships allow us to negotiate the best prices and ensure the best quality-price ratio to all our customers. CIPEM’s revenue increased by 30% in 2018 and in 2020, CIPEM will be focusing on the technologies and products for which the company is the best. The prime objective will be to develop in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with new teams. Focusing on CIPEM assets to optimize our best-selling offers is a win-win strategy for the company and our customers. With more than 4 million technical parts delivered each month, CIPEM is as competitive on small volumes as on large volumes. CIPEM Shop’s new online quotation tool (Quick Turn Service) also offers great flexibility. The objective is to provide and assist customers from prototype to mass production. All the latest CIPEM investments are possible thanks to a great success on power supply parts and cables/wires during the last years.

In a difficult context in terms of economy and trade policy between Asia and the United States (ICAPE Group’s first market), the company is approaching the goal of matching the record year of 2018 with a turnover of 126 million euros ($140 million). These excellent results in 2019 are due to strong growth on the Asian Market with news sales offices in Thailand, Malaysia and Japan. But ICAPE Group also wants to develop further in Europe and invests heavily in the northern countries. In the United States, ICAPE Group has a strategic mission based on two important subsidiaries (DIVSYS-ICAPE and RapidProto), specialized in PCB Assembly and prototypes. Almost two years after the merger of ICAPE Group and DIVSYS International, expectations are high for 2020.

Our employees have an average of 10 years of experience in electronics. ICAPE Group is made up of real specialists who have helped expand the company on an international scale. Our empowered employees are a new generation of experts ready to surpass historical records and create new ones

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