ECIA Shows Correlation Between Semiconductor and Passive Component Sales Data

The Semiconductor Industries Association (SIA) reported Q3 sales of $107.9B up 10.2% to Q2 and up 23% to Q3’16. Passive Component sales of capacitors, inductors and resistors were $6.8B up 11% Q3 to Q2 and to Q3’16. “The worldwide electronics industry has been back on a growth path for the last five quarters,” explained Jim Bruorton, ECIA vice president of industry statistics and analytics. “Semiconductor sales and Passive Component sales are strong indicators of the electronics industry’s health.”

The following graph compares year on year semiconductor sales performance to the passive component market.

The following table displays year to date performance by geographic region for semiconductor, passives (capacitors, inductors, resistors) and capacitors broken out.

The following table displays the regional sales performance for semiconductors and passive components.